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Top 8 Tips In Caring For Your Bridal Bouquet!

After months of planning and dreaming, your big day has finally arrived! And so have your wedding what? How do you continue to make them look perfect for the whole day? Not to worry, here are my top 8 great tips to keep those pretty blooms looking fresh all day long!

1. Keep In Storage Box Until Needed

Keep your bouquets in water in their storage box until they are needed for pictures, the ceremony or reception. The less handling, the better!

2. Storing Your Flowers

If you receive your wedding flowers the day or morning before the wedding, store them out of direct sunlight and heat. Keep them in a cool place, and out of reach from air vents.

3. Don't Forget To Dab!

Most importantly, don't forget to dab off the bottoms of the bouquet stems with a cloth, no one wants stains on their wedding dress!

4. Keep Hydrated!

Just like we need water to survive, so do flowers! Just a couple of hours out of water can cause those pretty blooms to wilt. When you aren't using your bouquets for pictures, keep them hydrated in a vase to ensure they are looking fresh all night long!

5. Prevent Damage And Bruising

To prevent damage and bruising to your bouquets, avoid touching the petals, as the acid from your fingers can leave marks on the petals and not to mention, could break off the petals too.

6. Boutonnieres, Corsages, Hair Flowers & Flower Crowns

To keep these delicate florals looking fresh, store them in a cool place or in the fridge in a crisper (away from food, as they give off ethylene gas which can speed up the aging of your blooms), but be careful the fridge isn't too cold to avoid frost bite. (No colder than 2 degrees celsius).

7. At Your Reception

Ensure you have a vase to keep your bouquet in at the head table to prevent wilting and keep them looking fresh all night long!

8. Enjoy Your Bouquet!

If you wish to enjoy your bouquet the following week, make sure to give the stems a fresh cut and change out the water every other day.

Now that you have these easy tips down, you can rest easy and dance the night away!

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